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About Southern Echo

Southern Echo is a leadership education, training and development organization founded in 1989 and based in Jackson, Mississippi. Echo is committed to building new, accountable grassroots leadership and organization, based on an inter-generational model, through training, technical and legal assistance. Echo staff works with and in support of African-American and working class community leadership and organizations throughout rural Mississippi, and organizations in 11 other Southern states.

Echo training focuses on enabling grassroots people to develop effective skills and the working tools of community organizing. This includes the building of political skills, organizational development and policy formation at the grassroots level. The primary goal is to build the capacity of grassroots leadership and organizations to empower their communities to fight racism. Empowerment of grassroots communities is necessary to enable people to hold the political, educational, economic and environmental systems accountable to the needs and interests of the African-American and poor communities.

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