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Southern Echo Incorporated, 1350 Livingston Lane, Suite C, Jackson, MS 39213

Phone:  601-982-6400   Fax:  601-982-2636

Contact:  Brenda Hyde

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Southern Echo Incorporated is now accepting applications for our small grants program for mature grassroots community-based organizations engaged in community organizing work.  These grants are coupled with training and technical assistance to support and strengthen your organization and your community organizing work.  (Please see the program definitions below.) 

Grants of up to $20,000 (note that the average grant size is $15,000.00) are awarded in conjunction with training and technical assistance to strengthen community organizing groups and help them connect to networks and coalitions.  The primary purpose of this program is to strengthen low-income communities and neighborhoods by investing in the development of local leaders through the community organizing process.

Eligibility: Mature grassroots community-based organizations in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina that can demonstrate their capacity to grow and connect with networks and coalitions within the region. 

Program Definitions

       Community organizingFor the purpose of this program, community organizing is understood as the process of building a powerful, community-controlled, democratically run, inclusive, grassroots organization capable of developing leaders and effecting social change for its constituent members.    In general, the process of community organizing involves membership recruitment, leadership development, issue identification, and the development and execution of campaign strategies.  Staff members the members, who are the decision-makers for the organization.  Note that direct service projects are not eligible for funding.

Small grant:  An amount up to $20,000 that can be used effectively to meet the goals and objectives of the receiving organization (note that the average grant size is $15,000.00)

Technical assistance:  The provision of training, and/or consultation by Southern Echo Incorporated to funded groups to promote maturation and growth, e.g., fundraising, board and staff training, development of office management techniques, budgeting, assistance with incorporation, goal setting, etc.

The proposal postmarked deadline is Monday, September 29, 2008

Get this entire application file here in PDF format


Please mail applications to:

Southern Echo Incorporated

1350 Livingston Lane, Suite C

Jackson, MS 39213


P.O. Box 9306

Jackson, MS 39286

Phone:  601-982-6400   Fax:  601-982-2636

Contact:  Brenda Hyde

For more information, contact Brenda Hyde at (601) 982-6400 ext. 25.

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